Statistics Department Visitor Policy

Visitors are defined broadly to include individuals from outside UW-Madison, from academia and beyond, whether titled or not. Thus undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, visiting scholars, visiting professors, etc.

Visitors for short periods are always welcome, particularly to give talks or for research visits of several days or a week or two. This policy is meant to help faculty, staff and visitors anticipate the process for longer visits that may require special arrangements, department funds, or other resources. People who are arranging invitations for visits need to work closely with the department Chair and the Department Administrator (ADS). Arrangements must be made months before the actual visit.

Anticipating Needs of Visitors

  • Travel: Visitor travel funded by grants or other UW resources must be coordinated through the ADS.
  • Housing: Visitors for a few days may need a hotel room; longer term visits might require help with finding an apartment. ADS can help make arrangements.
  • Insurance: If the person will be employed or otherwise paid through UW-Madison, then insurance may need to be arranged. Contact ADS. If person is visiting with own funds SHIP Insurance is required.
  • Visa: International visitors may have visa needs. Contact ADS. A DS2019 (J1 visa) takes 2-3 months processing time before the visitor receives the documents. Each visitor is only allowed 1 extension of stay beyond original invite.
  • Family: Visitors with families may have additional needs. Again, contact ADS.
  • Office space/Building:The department does not provide space for visitors.This is the responsibility of the host of the visitor. Entry to the Medical Science Center is during building hours (Monday-Friday 6:00 am to 7:00 pm).
  • Computing: We expect visitors to bring their own computers, although access to our system is available. To have access to our computing system, the visitor(s) will need a valid appointment in Statistics and a UW ID/Net ID. Visitors using EduRoam have direct, immediate access to the campus wireless network. Contact ADS
  • Mailing, printing, paper & supplies: Any substantial mailing, printing, paper or supplies expenses are the responsibility of the host and will be charged to the funding source.

Formal Visits

Formal visits, particularly those with a title (such as Scholar, Visiting Professor, etc.), will need approval by the Dean. This takes 2-3 weeks at least. Contact ADS well in advance. Materials needed include the following:

  • a letter of invitation from the Chair (see the ADS) explaining the reason for visit
  • the person’s CV
  • English Proficiency Requirement (see attached document below) **Please note: This is required before the Dean's approval request.

Funding for Visitors

In general, visitors are welcome under their own funds. For visitors supported by grant or other funding of an individual researcher, please contact the ADS well in advance. In most cases, it is difficult to reimburse for expenses without prior arrangement. Again, best to work directly with ADS to make all travel and other arrangements.

Longer Term Visitors

The Chair and ADS need to know about longer term visitors. While these may appear slight, they add up, affect department operations. The Department has a limit of 20 visitors per year. (Note: Each faculty member is allowed 2 visitors each)

Revised 31 May 2016. Created 1 April 2014.
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