Office Space for Emeritus Faculty and Staff (Statistics)

This document states the office space policy for emeritus faculty and staff in the Department of Statistics. It is based on provisions in Faculty Policies and Procedures (FPP), the Office of Human Resources (OHR) Unclassified Personnel Policies and Procedures (UPPP), and the L&S Handbook.

First and foremost, we affirm the continued scholarly involvement of emeriti within our department, and value their contributions to our students, faculty and staff as well as our discipline at large.

Emeritus status follows a request to and confirmation by the Executive Committee, which is then conveyed to L&S Dean and eventually to the Chancellor. Emeritus status is permanent. Rights and privileges of emeritus are detailed in document links at the end of this document.

The department may assign space to emeritus faculty and staff. Current space does not guarantee future space. Emeritus faculty and staff may request space from the Chair. Typically, emeritus faculty would be offered shared office space. Emeritus faculty who regularly teach as a Lecturer would be provided space on similar priority to other Lecturers. All emeritus space use is subject to periodic review.

UW-Madison Policies and Procedures

FPP 7.31 Emeritus/Emerita Faculty
“Emeritus/emerita faculty titles are conferred by the chancellor upon recommendation of the departmental executive committee and the dean.”

OHR 20.01.IV Special Recognition: Emeritus
“Departmental assignment of office space and/or laboratory space for retired faculty and staff is within the purview of each department and dean, and shall be reviewed periodically.”

Human Resources & Workforce Diversity
Rehired Annuitants Q&A

L&S Handbook: Retired Faculty and Staff

Updated 8 April 2016 Created: 11 October 2011