Statistics Academic Staff Performance Review Procedure

April 2016

Academic staff are governed by the Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP). Note in particular that there is an initial probationary period of 6-12 months.

Academic staff must be reviewed annually in a manner appropriate to their work setting and responsibilities (see ASPP Chapter 10). The purpose of the performance review (sec. 10.02) is to review activities and accomplishments, identify ways to enhance job satisfaction, identify career opportunities, encourage initiative and creativity, and build a record of performance. In addition, the performance review provides another means for communication between supervisors and staff.

Instructional staff (including Lecturers, Faculty Associates, Visiting Professors) are reviewed at least once a year by a designated faculty attending a class lecture or other period and writing a report on quality and content of presentation. This review is shared with the staff for feedback, and then placed in their file.

Computing staff are reviewed by regular meetings to discuss goals, problems and progress. As appropriate, written documentation is shared with the staff and placed in their file.

Updated 8 April 2016
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