Breadth Requirements and Procedures for PhD Statistics Students

Revised 10 October 2017.

There are three options for fulfilling the breadth requirement. For all options, the student must complete the PhD Breadth Requirement form and have it signed.

Option A (External): Fulfill the minor requirement as specified by another department or program other than Statistics. Students should contact the individual department or program for details.

Option B (Distributed minor):

  • At least 9 credits in one or more departments other than Statistics.
  • At least 3 credits must be from courses numbered 600 or higher.
  • Some courses numbered lower than 600 may not be included*.
  • Any course covering the same material as existing courses in Statistics cannot be included*, except that at most one course cross-listed with Statistics may be included if it is not staffed by the Statistics department.
  • Courses must be completed with grades BC or higher with an average of B or higher.

(* Students should check with the Graduate Coordinator if they questions on whether specific courses can be applied to Option B.)

Option C (Breadth): Fulfill at least two of the following three:

  • Participatory seminar experience: Take two one-credit seminar courses outside of the Statistics and Biostatistics and Medical Informatics (BMI) departments. These must involve some level of active participation, such as an oral presentation or written report.
  • Collaborative research experience: This provides students with direct experience in interdisciplinary collaborative research activity under the guidance of a faculty trainer. The student must report the results of this activity within an advertised seminar. Students may fulfill this requirement by rotating through directed study/research credits with Statistics or Biostatistics degree option faculty trainers, or with faculty from other departments.
  • Breadth course: Take a 2-3 credit graduate outside of the Departments of Statistics or BMI. This must be at or above the 600 level, or be from the approved list of outside courses for the Biostatistics Degree Option.

For Option B, the student must complete a PhD Minor Agreement Form signed by the student’s advisor before starting the second minor course.

For Option C, the student must present a tentative proposal signed by student’s advisor before starting the second part of this option. The student must write a letter to the Chair of the Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee (CDRC) detailing how the requirements are fulfilled and submit with PhD Breadth Requirement form.

Students who do not yet have a major professor and who want some preliminary advice on the kinds of programs likely to be approved may speak with a Graduate Advisor for New Students.