Declaring the Major

To declare the statistics major, students should contact an advisor by visiting the Advising tab and scheduling an appointment with the appropriate advisor. It is not necessary to have completed statistics coursework, but prospective majors are strongly recommended to start the major with the Math 221-222-234 calculus sequence and Stat 302 (Accelerated Introduction to Statistical Methods). Major declaration is completed by meeting with an advisor and filling out the Letters & Sciences declaration form.

Note for students who are not in the College of Letters and Sciences

Students wishing to declare Statistics in addition to a major outside of Letters and Sciences should first meet with a Statistics advisor and then contact your academic advisor in your home department to discuss your college’s policies on adding a L&S second major.

Students wishing to transfer from another college and 1) become a student in the College of Letters and Sciences and 2) declare a statistics major need to follow the College of Letters & Sciences transfer policies.