Declaring the Major

To declare the statistics major, students should contact the advisor group by e-mail: advising at It is not necessary to have completed statistics coursework, but prospective majors are strongly recommended to start the major with the Math 221-222-234 calculus sequence and Stat 302 (Accelerated Introduction to Statistical Methods). Major declaration is completed by meeting with an advisor and filling out the Letters & Sciences declaration form.

Note for students who are not in the College of Letters and Sciences

Students wishing to declare Statistics in addition to a major outside of Letters and Sciences should first meet with a Statistics advisor and then contact your academic advisor in your home department to discuss your college’s policies on adding a L&S second major.

Students wishing to transfer from another college and 1) become a student in the College of Letters and Sciences and 2) declare a statistics major need to follow the College of Letters & Sciences transfer policies.