Associate Chair Duties

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Summer School

  • Prepare Summer School (Oct)
    • Set summer school budget and schedule
    • Find & commit people to teach in the summer. Get contracts signed.
  • Assign Summer TAs (Apr)
  • Monitor enrollment (Apr-May)
  • Oversee TA evaluation?


Review Admissions material (Jul-Aug)

  • Web pages
  • File handling process (Jude)
  • Admissions Committee

Meetings and Deadlines

  • Fall Submission Deadline: 1 Dec
  • First Admissions Committee meeting (mid-Dec)
  • Follow-up in min-Jan and start making decisions

Monitor number of slots and offers

  • Ask faculty about research support (Nov)
  • Monitor changes in support (Nov-Mar)
  • Ask Dean for guarantee slots based on positions (Jan)
  • Coordinate with BMI on traineeships (Jan)


  • A letters (mid-Jan)
  • University Fellows (late Jan)
  • C letters (mid-Feb)
  • D letters (mid-Mar)
  • Rejections on offers after 15 Apr

International Admissions

  • Need TOEFL S score (spoken) at least 22 to ensure 40 on SPEAK test
  • Phone all short-list international to check English.
  • Timing of international TAs is important.
  • Students need to get messages several times and in several ways as they may not understad.
  • They should get timing info with their admission letter and by email.

Visit Day (mid-Mar)

  • Offer to guaranteed domestic students
  • Coordinate with BMI on funds
  • Arrange faculty, students to fill schedule

Welcome Week (last week of Aug)

  • Set up orientation schedule (pre-Jul)
  • Supervise TA training sessions
  • Collect assessment scores of potential TAs
  • Give information to Awards Committee for TA assignments.

Welcome Week

  • encourage students and faculty to go to fall orientation gathering
  • take pictures there!
    • come to orientation last mon of aug
    • sign up with Denise Roder to take SPEAK test
    • meet with advisor that mon
    • registrar for at least one course
    • TA training by us (day 2)
      • prepare for TA mock session
    • TA evaluation of mock session (day 3)
    • take SPEAK test as soon as possible (mid-Aug!)
    • turn in TA application
    • attend ISS information session (one of several blocks)
    • attend campus-level TA training

See Admissions and Teaching Assistants for preparation and other duties.

Teaching Assistants

Summer International TA (ITA) Session

  • Coordinate activites (May)
    • ITA schedule and duties
    • Arrange student helpers (1st-2nd year ideally) for arrival
  • Arrive (mid-Jul)
  • Coordinate with Sat 301 instructor: sit it
  • Oversight on English classes

Welcome Week (last week of Aug--see Admissions)

  • TA training on day 2 of Welcome Week
  • TA evaluation on day 3 of Welcome Week

Coordinate with Awards Committee (Aug)

New TA mentoring

  • 3 week observation by faculty
  • 6 week survey (use form)

New Spring TA offers (Jan)