Wiscmail email address change to Office 365 for everyone

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 10:42am -- mjcammilleri

Sometime during the 2014 calendar year, your @wisc.edu email address is going to change to the format of firstname.lastname@wisc.edu. The primary email client for checking mail at this address will be Outlook, which is available over the web browser - no need to install anything. Your current @wisc.edu address will forward to the new address for some time.

Calendaring is integrated with this system, and WiscCal will be going away.

Your current email in your WiscMail account will be migrated over. Your calendar information on WiscCal will also migrate over to the new system. Attachments greater than 25 MB will need to be moved by hand, so if you have large attachments, be thinking about that now.

I realize most of you use your @stat.wisc.edu accounts. These are not going away at least at this point, and you will continue to receive mail there. However, you will need to pick a primary address for your main campus identity and how you will be found in the directory. I strongly encourage you to adopt the new WiscMail system (Called Office 365) as it will server you better over your tenure on campus.

I will be here to assist everyone in the transition. If you have questions, which I'm sure there will be many, I would like to acquire those sooner rather than later, and address those with the whole department. Technically, David Parter at Computer Science is responsible for any transition of @stat.wisc.edu or @cs.wisc.edu email, but currently has no plans ready for migrating departmental email.

Everyone will have to take part in this migration at some point, so please be aware of it and try to prepare your decisions regarding primary email.

There is plenty of information on their website, so please have a look here:



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Mike Cammilleri