MSRC Scientific Committee & Sponsors

Galin Jones (Program Chair), University of Minnesota

Poster Committee

Yuguo Chen, University of Illinois
Lan Wang, University of Minnesota

Theory Subcommittee

Feng Liang, University of Illinois
Yazhen Wang, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Beth Andrews, Northwestern

Application Subcommittee

Catherine Calder, The Ohio State University
Sarat Dass, Michigan State University
John Hughes, University of Minnesota

Computing Subcommittee

Radu Herbei, The Ohio State University
Aixin Tan, University of Iowa
Adam Rothman, University of Minnesota

Many thanks to Denise Runyan for local arrangements and Mike Cammilleri for technical support!


Department of Statistics–University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Statistics-University of Michigan
Department of Statistics-University of Iowa
Department of Biostatistics-University of Iowa

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