Financial Aid

Financial Support

Several opportunities exist for financial support within the Department. Every year the Department makes offers of guaranteed financial support to high quality applicants. The length of the guarantee is for five years for PhD applicants and for two years for students applying for the MS degree. For PhD students, financial support is typically extended beyond the fourth year for students making good progress towards their PhD. For MS students who enter with financial guarantee and who wish, subsequently, to pursue the PhD, financial support is usually continued if the student has demonstrated PhD potential. Our most outstanding applicants are considered for prestigious University Fellowships. Also, qualified U.S. citizens or permanent residents may be eligible for various traineeships, most of which have connections with Biostatistics.

The appointment in the initial year is typically as a teaching assistant. In subsequent years the support may take the form of continued appointment as a teaching assistant or alternative support as a research or project assistant. Students are selected for project and research assistantships based on their interests and their progress in their graduate work. There are on the order of 30 or more research or project assistant positions available for Statistics graduate students in most years.

The dollar amounts for teaching assistant, project assistant, and research assistant positions differ. However, our offer of guaranteed support will provide a minimum dollar figure which you will receive, regardless of the particular nature of your appointment. Also, there are sometimes opportunities for support during the summer, which may result in an annual income above the guaranteed amount.


Graduate tuition amounts differ for residents and non-residents. Refer to Tuition and Fee Schedule for more information. Students who receive at least 1/3 time financial support from our Department (or from elsewhere in the University) are not required to pay tuition.