Statistics Department Courses

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Note for students not in a statistics program/major:

Major courses (see Course Guide) are reserved for declared students until all declared students have had a chance to enroll. Remaining open seats will be available for students outside the department who meet the specified requisites on May 5, 2019 for Fall 2019 enrollment.

*This does not pertain to Gateway Courses: Stat 301, Stat 311, Stat 312, Stat 324, Stat 371, Stat 571

Notes on the course listings:

  1. Courses that are the primary responsibility of another department and are cross-listed with Statistics are listed below with the name of the primary department in parentheses ().
  2. For official course descriptions and class schedule information use either the Course Guide or Class Search.
  3. Prospective undergraduate statistics majors should refer to the flow chart for sequencing of courses.
  4. Some Statistics course listings are maintained using Moodle course pages or Learn@UW.

Courses that are designated with an * are primarily aimed at statistics majors.

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Introductory Courses for Undergraduate Students

Number Name Credits Frequency
224 Introductory Statistics for Engineers 3 Fall, Spring, Summer
301 Introduction to Statistical Methods 3 Fall, Spring, Summer
302 Accelerated Introduction to Statistical Methods* 3 Fall, Spring
324 Introductory Applied Statistics for Engineers 3 Fall, Spring
371 Introductory Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences 3 Fall, Spring, Summer

Courses aimed at Graduate Students in Statistics

Number Name Credits Frequency
601 Statistical Methods I 4 fall semester
602 Statistical Methods II 4 Spring semesters
609 Mathematical Statistics I 3 Fall
610 Introduction to Statistical Inference 4 Spring
627 Professional Skills in Data Science 1-3 fall semesters
628 Data Science Practicum 1-3 Spring semesters
641 Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials (BMI) 3 Fall
642 Statistical Methods for Epidemiology (BMI) 3 Spring
679 Special Topics in Statistics 1-3 Fall, Spring, Summer
701 Applied Time Series Analysis, Forecasting and Control I 3 Irregular
709 Mathematical Statistics 4 Fall
710 Mathematical Statistics 4 Spring
726 Nonlinear Optimization I (Computer Sciences) 3 Fall
732 Large Sample Theory of Statistical Inference 3 Spring biennially
733 Theory of Probability I (Math) 3 Fall
734 Theory of Probability II (Math) 3 Spring
741 Survival Analysis Theory and Methods (BMI) 3 Spring
760 Multivariate Analysis I 3 Fall biennially
761 Decision Trees for Multivariate Analysis 3 Irregular
768 Statistical Methods for Medical Image Analysis (BMI) 3 Fall
771 Statistical Computing 3 Irregular
775 Introduction to Bayesian Decision and Control I 3 Spring
801 Advanced Financial Statistics 3 Spring semesters
803 Experimental Design I 3 Irregular
809 Non Parametric Statistics 3 Irregular
811 Sample Survey Theory and Method 3 Irregular
824 Nonlinear Regression Analysis with Engineering Applications 3 Irregular
833 Topics in the Theory of Probability (Math) 3 Irregular
834 Empirical Processes and Semiparametric Inference 3 Irregular
840 Statistical Model Building and Learning 3 Fall, biennially
841 Nonparametric Statistics and Machine Learning Methods 3 Irregular
849 Theory and Application of Regression and Analysis of Variance I 3 Fall
850 Theory and Application of Regression and Analysis of Variance II 3 Spring
851 Generalized Linear Models 3 Irregular
860 Estimation of Functions from Data 3 Fall, biennially
877 Statistical Methods for Molecular Biology (BMI) 3 Spring, biennially
990 Research 1-12 Fall, Spring, Summer
992 Topics Course 1-3 Fall, Spring
998 Statistical Consulting 3 Fall, Spring

There are some Statistics courses that are included on University course-lists that have not been offered for quite a few years and are unlikely to be offered in the near future. For completeness, they are listed below: