Point of Contact

For Non-majors Taking Statistics Courses
Course Enrollment: Nancy Brinkerhoff (enroll AT stat.wisc.edu)
Learning Center for Stat 301, 324, 371 (fka Tutorial Lab):

For Undergraduate Majors
Academic Advising/Progress/Graduation: Dan Barnish, Laura Juszczyk & Sara Rodock (advising AT stat.wisc.edu)
Alumni: Dan Barnish
Course Enrollment: Nancy Brinkerhoff (enroll AT stat.wisc.edu)

For Graduate Students
Admissions: [Link] (admissions AT stat.wisc.edu)
Alumni: John Schuppel
Course Enrollment: Nancy Brinkerhoff (enroll AT stat.wisc.edu)
MS Advising/Exam/Progress/Graduation: John Schuppel
PhD Advising/Exam/Progress/Graduation: John Schuppel
PhD Minor: Derek Bean
VISP & MSDS Advising: Sara Rodock (visp-msds AT stat.wisc.edu)
VISP & MSDS Programs: Sara Rodock

Curriculum Matters
Course Equivalency: Derek Bean
Course Grades, Enrollment & Time Table: Nancy Brinkerhoff
Course Guide (Graduate): John Schuppel
Course Guide (Undergraduate): Dan Barnish
Curriculum & Degree Requirements: Derek Bean
Learning Goals & Assessment: Derek Bean

For the Larger Community
Data Science Initiatives: Sara Rodock (rodock AT wisc.edu)
Jobs/grants for Stat undergraduates: Dan Barnish (dbarnish AT wisc.edu)
Jobs/grants for Stat graduate Students: John Schuppel (jschuppel AT stat.wisc.edu)
Seminars: John Schuppel (jschuppel AT stat.wisc.edu)
Statistical Consulting: Nick Keuler (nskeuler AT stat.wisc.edu)

For Faculty, Staff & Graduate Assistants
Faculty/Staff/Grad Assistant Appointments, Insurance, Visa & Human Resources: Denise Runyan
Payroll, Purchases & Travel Expenses: Denise Runyan
Instructor/LSA Matters: Derek Bean
TA Matters: Dan Barnish
Classroom/Exam Room/Projector Reservations: Nancy Brinkerhoff

Other Resources & Support
Announcement Posting: Nancy Brinkerhoff & John Schuppel
Climate & Diversity: Dan Barnish
Computing & Web: Mike Cammilleri (lab AT stat.wisc.edu)
Copy Machine ID: Denise Runyan
Department Directory: Nancy Brinkerhoff

Address & Direction
Department of Statistics
1220 Medical Sciences Center
1300 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706

Phone: 608-262-2598
Fax: 608-262-0032

Direction to Administrative Office The Statistics Department office in the
Medical Sciences Center

Enter the main door of the MSC building on University Ave. Turn left and you'll find the office on the left side of the hallway in room 1220

Consult the People's menu tab for individual faculty, staff, or student contact information.