Department Computer Shutdown/Outage THIS WEEK

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 11:15am -- root

Because of last week's campus network outage, our data center will need to be moved from city power which we are currently and temporarily using, to another temporary power source, and then back to proper power sources.

Since we are currently using city power, it is crucial that we get off of it as soon as possible because it is unstable. Electricians are working around the clock to assist us in this move.

*This means we will need to shut down each and every computer in Statistics before the end of this week as we move them to different power sources.

This is short notice, but the work must get done. There will also be a second outage in the following week as we move everything back. What I would like from you is any information regarding long running jobs, deadlines, etc that you may have this week. I am willing to work with users regarding current jobs but we cannot go through the weekend - the outage must be by sometime Friday.

The outage means,

1. Thin-clients will not boot
2. You will not be able to print
3. The internet will not be accessible
4. Wi-Fi should still be available in MSC but not in CS.
5. You will not be able to ssh into any stat servers.
6. Email will still arrive in your inbox and you can get mail from another computer (home, mobile, etc.)

The outage will only last as long as it takes to move a machine from one power source to another, so in other words, not very long. Any currently running jobs or desktop sessions, ssh connects, etc. will be terminated during the move.

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Mike Cammilleri