Antivirus and other software

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 2:21pm -- root

If you are bringing in your own laptop into the department, I strongly advise installing FREE anti-virus software available to you from campus. Norton Anti-Virus from the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is a stripped-down, no advertising, no bloat/spy/mal-ware version of Antivirus that will not interfere with your computer. To download, use your campus NetID and password.

Also, while you are a valid student, faculty, or staff of the UW System, you can get some discounts on other software such as Microsoft Office. Please do not use pirated software from other countries as we will not be able to support them.

You can also find other software available to you by logging into the Campus Software Library. Most "free" software only works on UW-owned computers, not personally owned computers.

When in doubt, use a department machine here in Statistics.

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Mike Cammilleri